The NSF-funded Midscale Experimental Research Infrastructure Forum (MERIF) is sponsoring a Workshop whose goal is to teach university and college faculty how to use the various NSF-funded midscale experimental testbeds in their classes. The Workshop will be held on May 29-30 at George Washington University in Washington DC.

The workshop will feature instructional material for the following testbeds (see the full descriptions):

The Workshop will begin with short presentations that describe these testbeds including their targeted scientific areas. This will be followed by 3-hour hands-on tutorials by each of the testbeds, three during May 29, afternoon and three during May 30 morning. The Workshop will end at 1pm on May 30. A preliminary schedule is available here.

Because of the need for parallel scheduling of tutorials, each attendee will only be able to participate in two of the six tutorials. To optimize participation, applicants will provide a priority list when applying. Applicants will also be asked to describe courses they expect to teach during AY2019-2020 where one or more of the testbeds might be utilized.

Support for travel, hotel and meals is available for US based participants via NSF grants. Applications must be received by Friday, April 5 April 19, 2019 and applicants will be notified of decisions with respect to attendance and support by Monday, April 8 April 22, 2019. Hotel information is available here.

Use the Registration form to apply to attend. If you are a US based participant, you can also apply for a travel grant.